The Model

Operating as a centrally controlled licensing system, Engel & Völkers is ideal for expanding into new national and international markets – establishing the foundation for market dominance with cutting edge IT systems, unmatched marketing strategies and the strength of our unique shop concept. This success owes much to our tried-and-tested franchise system, which has proven its worth on the global stage and is continually optimised to ensure our partners can enter the market quickly and enjoy a high rate of return. So it’s not surprising that we are already represented in over 800 locations in around 30 countries – and we’re constantly growing.

Are you a strong leader with a good head for business, plenty of passion for real estate and just as much drive? Now is your chance to become part of the Engel & Völkers success story. Engel & Vӧlkers have been ranked 38th in the Franchise Direct top 100 franchises in 2010 and managed to achieve this feat again in 2011.

Income Potential

SA Franchise

In 2003 the Engel & Völkers brand saw the opening of the first licence outside of Europe, in South Africa with the approved roll-out of 30 licences. 16 years on, and we managed to meet and exceed our initial target. We managed to establish our systems & cusomise the brand to meet the South African property market.

Having proven our success and thanks to all the changes on the political climate, we have the signed off to commence with phase 2 of the SA footprint roll-out. This has opened up the entire South Africa for us to expand into – claim your spot on our map today. Discover the brand and advantages as a franchisee! By opening your own franchise with us, we will guide you step by step to make your real estate business a success. Distinguish yourself from your competition and elevate your services to the next level.

Your property shop

Our unique property shops are visibly placed in the best locations worldwide and are designed to reflect the company’s commitment to superior service and unmatched sophistication.

As a franchise partner with your own property shop, you will benefit from our strong brand recognition – a globally consistent look and feel ensures brand recognition and brings to mind the expectation of high-end service and exceptional real estate wherever you are in the world.

Your clients will associate you with a brand based on many decades of sound experience, setting you up for long-term franchise success against competing local companies. After all, our exclusive brand attracts premium clients on the market for a new home, a fact that will helps your franchise grow quickly and profitably.

White façades and large windows showcase beautiful exposés showcasing properties locally and around the world, draw visitors in as they dream of a new home. Whether in Johannesburg, Potchefstroom, Hoedspruit, Cape Town or Port Elizabeth, our shops are an expression of our passion for real estate and our shared commitment to supporting our advisors in delivering bespoke experiences.

The sleek design features an open concept encouraging collaboration among advisors and allowing each shop to serve as a venue for hosting community events. Meticulous details such as a black, windowed door, large address numbers, red banister knobs and exterior lighting create a warm atmosphere where clients feel at home. Coffers prominently exhibit GG branding, highlighting our proprietary lifestyle magazine featuring global trends, personalities and the finest properties.

Dedicated Territory

An important factor for your success as a franchise partner is our unique farming concept, which will enable you to systematically exploit the market potential of your exclusive licence regions. Your region is subdivided into several sub-markets, or farming areas, each of which are allocated to real estate agents under your management. Thanks to targeted training and the latest tools, all of your agents will be ideally equipped to acquire customers and properties with maximum efficiency. This comprehensive market penetration will enable you to quickly become the market leader in your region.

Engel & Völkers provides you brand cachet that is respected around the world and the exclusive affiliation with the Engel & Völkers name within a geographic market. That means network collaboration, rather than competition, the opportunity to obtain to top-tier listings and unstoppable potential.

Advanced systems & tools

Our business is your business: peruse our online merchandising shop to ascertain which of our brand services and products are best suited to fulfil your requirements, both for your team and for your franchise. Multiply your reach with best-in-class marketing materials, tools & access the technology and systems to help you establish and expand your business.

You also receive a premium gift with Engel & Völkers branding, the ideal way of establishing a lasting business connection with each of your clients.

Our web-based printing shop facilitates the process of developing your own marketing tools just as quickly as you can generate ideas and marketing campaigns. In short, with our online services, we are true pioneers in the real estate business.