International Network

Engel & Völkers has gone from strength to strength since it was founded in 1977 and today the company delivers record level sales growth. Thanks to our unique and constantly expanding network, evidenced by the continued growth of our real estate franchises in every corner of the globe. We provide a global network so that you can enjoy a truly collaborative and global referral network that works with you.

The concept of our real estate franchise system is to share the work and strive toward success as a collection of independently operated companies. The benefits of this franchise approach are manifold, as attested to by the numerous franchisees with whom we collaborate.

Private Office

This division of Engel & Völkers sees to the needs of ultra high net worth individuals. We focus on global off-market real estate opportunities in the world’s most prestigious locations and always put discretion first in our service approach.

Polo School

The property business, like the game of polo, is all about team spirit, dynamism and the right strategy. Christian Völkers himself founded a professional polo school and Land Rover was quickly won over as a strong partner, the start signal for establishing the Engel & Völkers + Land Rover Polo School. At our Polo School, beginners in polo have a chance to discover the fascinating sport for themselves, while advanced players can perfect their game and improve their handicap. Under the guidance of professionals, you will quickly achieve your personal training goal and have an enjoyable time along the way.


Capital AG was founded in 2008 and is concerned with the issuance of upmarket property investment products. These ventures draw on the brand, the global network and the extensive market and real estate expertise of Engel & Völkers AG.


Based on our conviction that business is inextricably linked with social responsibility, the Engel & Völkers Charity was launched in 2008. The Engel & Völkers Charity is a non-profit organisation that is working to build a school in the rural village of Agbetiko in Togo, and to provide essentials such as clothing, books, and furniture to pupils. 100 per cent of the proceeds go directly to this school project. We understand that a home is not simply where you rest your head, but also where you learn, laugh, and play, which is why we also run additional local, community based charity initiatives on an ongoing basis, and always welcome any public involvement to make a difference in someone’s life.

EV Finance

Our in-house financial services division is there to assist you in qualifying clients in obtaining their mortgage bond. This service comes at no cost to the client or the agent, it is an added value service, enabling agents to give clients an all-round service without having to wait on external parties. We are there to assist you from the pre-qualification process, to securing the bond. Due to our direct relationship with all financial institutions, we can ensure the quickest turnaround time and best pricing as we apply to all financial institutions by completing one application, saving you precious time.


We have strong and solid relationships with leaders in the legal sector, ensuring that each transaction is taken care of professionally and expediently. Our partners also assist with the training of our Sales Advisors, keeping them up to date on the latest legalities and contractual agreements. Every property transaction is in safe hands.

Training Academy

The increasingly dynamic development of the markets calls for specialisation, expertise and profound know-how. Our staff are trained at our internationally accredited in-house training academy. Know-how transfer through training and continuous support from staff who have been trained in Germany and South Africa on International standards. The programme covers the full spectrum of property sales techniques aimed to guarantee success for both staff as well as clients.

Whether you work in a completely different sector or already have sales and property knowledge: our company’s Training Academy offers you and your team practical seminars, coaching for managers and needs-based webinars about the most important sales processes and other relevant topics. The in-depth training and in-service development offered by the Engel & Völkers Academy caters to the individual needs and requirements of everyone from our franchise partners through to shop assistants.

Irrespective of how much sales and property knowledge you bring with you, we will teach you everything about the innovative Engel & Völkers systems and market analysis through to property presentation and the closure of contracts. Tried and tested sales seminars, expert workshops and continually optimised concepts ensure a sound training that meets the necessary requirements – and a solid knowledge base that is of equal benefit to industry insiders and newcomers from other sectors!

Equips every agent with set tasks that enable them to maintain the high level of dedication needed to successfully implement the strategy. Provides them with cutting edge marketing tools every step of the way. Positions both the agents as well as the brand to be top-of-mind as each campaign ties back to a central theme designed to draw attention and captivate the audience. Weekly electronic training updates are provided to refresh or highlight important training aspects. Enables License Partners and Team Leaders to stay abreast of all company matters. It facilitates information flow, group decision making and cohesion.


Engel & Völkers can only be as good and successful as its licence partners and employees are. We concentrate our efforts on hiring the best and fostering their development on an ongoing basis. We are extremely proud of the fact that our managers and employees give rise to such an open, pleasant, warm and respectful corporate culture. We live by our core values: passion, competence and exclusivity. And we are proud of being a part of the large Engel & Völkers family.

Rewards & Incentives: We believe in recognising the dedication and hard work of each individual. With our monthly, quarterly and annual rewards programmes, you are sure to be appreciated and rewarded.

Joining the brand: Whether you pop into one of our local offices, send an email, read our brochures, or contact us by telephone, our agents are well versed in our business model and eager to provide support as you become part of the Engel & Völkers family.  We always ensure the privacy of both you and your clients. When your clients make use of your services to find a new home, you have at your disposal our many years of experience as well as our in-house services. In short, we give you the tools you need to seal the deal. We are with you every step of the way and are happy to help in any way possible. Share the work, and together we will achieve even greater success!

Support Centre

Staff: Support from staff who have been highly trained in Germany and South Africa on International standards. We help you every step of the way to guarantee your success in your career of choice. Our professional team will help you set up and design your property shop in accordance with our CI guidelines, provide you with a detailed briefing and ongoing assistance, as well as personalised digital support.

Clients: Our dedicated client service division is at your disposal 24/7. This centralised service ensures optimal client service, instant lead distribution and feedback. We keep you informed at all times. Our dedicated client service division is at your disposal 24/7 – your one port of call for all your property needs anywhere in the world. You can now spend your time on the more important things in life while we ensure that your needs are taken care of. Our priority – your satisfaction. Customer satisfaction surveys

Sales: Our global footprint gives you access to a strong network with referrals, sharing of best practices, national and international exposure for your properties, and simply being part of a great family. Global network opportunities with a referral system to 470 property shops and an incomparably large selection of properties. We have access to an advanced web-based real estate database system ensuring real time exposure to all web-portals. We have been laying the foundation for many years, and continue to do so on a daily basis, ensuring that by the time you come to us, we have the data at your fingertips. You will benefit from access to top properties as well as wealthy private and corporate customers – even beyond your actual location. You be able to offer your local customers top-class real estate in other countries right from the outset.  Our global network offers you, as a franchise partner, access to the world’s most stunning real estate and corresponding clientele. It will open up a variety of sales opportunities for you and your team, even beyond your own market. Our referral system and countless cross-selling options are particularly effective for generating attractive additional business.

Media House: GG

The GG is an A4 high gloss international lifestyle and architectural magazine which has been in circulation across the world for over a decade, and is published by Engel & Völkers. It showcases exclusive homes and properties, defining architectural and design trends and is distributed on a quarterly basis to the Engel & Völkers network.

IT Services

Full support with a tailor-made IT system, marketing tools and regional contact persons. Access to an advanced web-based database system ensuring real time exposure to all web-portals, assistance with matching clients and generating marketing items with the press of a button.

You will benefit from efficient revenue and CRM tools as well as innovative mobile services.

Our digital platform and the proven Engel & Völkers service standards are invaluable for your success. They provide everything you need for your business activities and, thanks to the latest tools and apps, you will be ideally equipped to manage your team and review your sales at any time, regardless of where you are – as well as perfectly position yourself within your licence area.


In today’s fast paced lifestyle, it is critical to ensure an online presence. We have thus dedicated a team specifically focussed on the digital aspect of buying, selling & marketing. This is combined with a set of uniquely developed tools to execute the tasks required. We have teams dedicated to our website presence, social accounts and digital marketing collateral which are all maintained daily, offering a much diverse and wider exposure for our properties, and ensuring we have the expert advice available to you whenever, wherever.


The Research department at Engel & Völkers offers an up-to-date overview of the market situation in any of the locations where Engel & Völkers is operational. Based on the market data and expert knowledge of the shops within our network, along with statistical information and general market data, our assessments includes examining the layers and

Engel & Völkers Research aims to create transparency through the documentation of well-founded facts and figures. The CMA’s provided by Engel & Völkers look at the development and the outlooks of the property markets. We are able to advise on all real estate indicators including area turnover, rent, sales price, trends influencing the development of local and national property markets and other factors, but the market analysis is also influenced by public data, local knowhow and the knowledge of experts from our Engel & Völkers staff.

Our Research department also assess client insights in order to ensure we are able to quickly and easily match the right home with the right owner. It delivers insight into who your customers are, where they are, what they want, and how and when they wish to be contacted. We mine the trends, patterns & intelligence so that we know where to focus and when. Audience insight delivers defined marketing activities, taking the stress out or buying or selling process.

All of this research provides our clients with a valuable source of information to aid them in the investment decisions they make, and our agents with the insight & knowledge to perform at their peak.


Your complete worry-free package: our system solutions and marketing tools. High-quality property descriptions, brochures, mailing campaigns, print and online ads provide you with diverse target group-specific marketing opportunities. Advanced marketing tools are at your disposal at all times. We cover online and print exposure, as well as hassle-free automated templates ensuring you have more time in the field and with clients. Whenever there is a special event during the year, Head Office supplies marketing material in the form of embedded e-mails and postcards to celebrate the event. These continuous advertising and marketing campaigns are in support of our Corporate Culture and identity and distinguishes us in the market. e provide assistance with high-quality image and property advertisements, brochures and mailings, online and social media campaigns, and we even supply content and digital support for your website. On top of that, our Web-based Print Shop makes it easy for you to create your own marketing materials in line with our CI guidelines. So you can address your target groups across all channels – with maximum efficiency and reach.


Our online Merchandising Shop offers diverse, attractive products and Engel & Völkers-branded customer gifts. You can find everything that’s required to boost your customer loyalty in the long term here – and of course all you need for fitting out your shop and employees. With our online procurement shop promotional items, gifts and marketing collateral are available at your fingertips whenever it suits you. We do the sourcing and planning so that you don’t have to.


Public Relations activities include regular media releases to a national media database, monthly shop promotions, advertising in industry publications and regular inclusions in Business Day Homefront, Conde Nast Garden and Home and Top Billing. Weekly news from Engel & Volkers shops around the world, directly on your desktop.

External Communication: International PR activities reach a global audience. Engel & Völkers is in regular contact with around 6,500 journalists and around 3,700 media outlets.

Internal Communication: The internal communication at Engel & Völkers informs all employees around the world about the current news from licence regions and company.